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Toothbrush tablets sage with fluoride


Toothbrush tablets sage with fluoride

  • Toothbrush tablets with a fresh taste a fresh taste of sage, mint and monk fruit with fluoride
  • Plastic-free alternative to brushing teeth
  • Cleans and cares for your teeth and gives you a fresh mouth feeling
  • Packed in jars of 130 tablets

Usage: chew a tablet and mix it with saliva. Then brush your teeth as usual.

Sodium bicarbonate neutralises acids, removes dental plaque and reduces gum irritation. Xylitol counteracts plaque build-up and strengthens teeth. Silica (together with water) gently and thoroughly cleanses the teeth. Monk fruit extract gives the tablets a pleasant sweet taste. The aroma of sage and mint provides a pleasant freshness in the mouth.

Not for use by babies or young children.