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Dead Sea Salt


Dead Sea Salt

A bath with salt from the Dead Sea is not only a blessing for your skin, it also has a relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect.

For centuries, this salt has been used to cure skin diseases, but also to care for and moisturise your skin.

  • Contains a very high mineral content: magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.
  • Has a favourable effect on the metabolism and the blood circulation, allowing waste products to be disposed of more quickly.
  • Keeps the mineral balance of the skin in balance.
  • Soothes irritated and itchy skin (e.g. eczema or psoriasis).
  • Reduces joint pain and helps with rheumatism and chronic inflammation
  • Relieves stiff muscles and heavy legs.

Use: take a bath with four spoonfuls of Dead Sea Salts every two days. Can also be used as a basic ingredient for making bath salts.

For external use. Keep out of reach of young children.