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White Gold


White Gold

Apartea, a young French company, selects the best teas for you.

  • without additives, colourings and sweeteners

  • with natural ingredients

  • White gold" refers to the Gold Rush in the United States. Apartea now offers small white gold nuggets = a white tea (Bai Mu Dan) accompanied by flowers with an aroma of lime

  • for a radiant skin and stronger teeth

  • tea with antioxidant effect

  • to drink hot or cold

How to prepare this tea:

For a 250 ml cup of hot tea

  • 3 g of tea
  • infuse for 7-10 min
  • at a water temperature of 95° C

For iced tea in a 1.2-litre carafe: double the amount of tea and top up with ice cubes

Store in cold and dry place