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Apple-cranberry juice


Apple-cranberry juice

  • delicious apple-cranberry juice
  • has a bright red colour
  • with a fresh sour sweet aroma
  • natural, with no added sugars or other additives
  • the ripened fruit is freshly squeezed, bottled and lightly pasteurised.

This mix combines all the good qualities of apple and cranberry juice in one drink.

Apple juice is rich in vital substances and one of the best alternatives for naturally cleansing our intestines and removing toxins. It supports liver function and improves bowel movement. Besides proteins, it also contains vitamins C and E and a large amount of iron and potassium.

Apple juice also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and asthma sufferers have fewer and less severe attacks if they drink apple juice regularly. Apple juice is also of great significance in blood formation because it helps to restore low haemoglobin levels.

The cranberries (vaccinium macrocarpon) have been specially selected for their integrity, colour and quality and come from Canada. The juice is obtained by lightly pressing the berries at low temperature and then further drying them. Since this is a premium “first pressing” juice, the sugar content is about 14°, which is higher than normal.

Cranberry juice contains a lot of vitamin C, minerals and polyphenols (antioxidants). These substances keep the skin, the capillaries and veins in an optimal condition. The juice helps for a good bladder and kidney function and is also slightly diuretic.

Delicious for breakfast or as a juice.

In environmentally friendly returnable bottles.