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All-purpose cleaner starter kit


All-purpose cleaner starter kit

Yokuu All Purpose Cleaner starter kit = 1 cleaning bead + 1 reusable spray.

The YOKUU bacteria are real cleaning champions: * they purify organic dirt and reduce dust * they actively break down odours * they protect surfaces so that dirt adheres less easily * they contribute to a positive indoor flora. * 1 Yokuu means 1 less plastic bottle
* no unnecessary transport of water = less CO² emission * do not contain aggressive detergents * suitable for all surfaces. If in doubt, test discreetly.

The Yokuu bottle: * replaces 50 disposable bottles * is fully recyclable * reduces CO² emission; no unnecessary water transport

How to use it?

Turn the head of the YOKUU spray bottle counterclockwise, fill with tap water. Dissolve the pearl in it. Attach the spray head to the bottle with a simple twist. Wait 5 minutes for it to bubble up and you can get to work. Spray onto the surface and wipe away the dirt.
The 15 billion good bacteria that you put to work per spray continue to purify invisibly for days. This is how you restore the natural balance in your home. 

The Yokuu pearls can be kept for up to 2 years in their original packaging. Once the pearl has dissolved, it remains good for 3 months. Afterwards, you just rinse the bottle and reuse it with new pearl.