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Apple-red beetroot juice 0,75L

€ 2.45 + € 0.60 deposit

Apple-red beetroot juice 0,75L
  • delicious apple-red beetroot juice
  • has a bright red colour
  • the aroma is fresh, sour-sweet
  • The fruit ripens on the trees, is freshly squeezed, bottled and lightly pasteurised.
  • All the good qualities of apples and beetroot combined in one juice.
  • Natural, with no added sugars or other additives

Apple juice is one of the best alternatives to naturally cleanse our intestines and remove toxins. It supports liver function and improves the bowel movement.

Besides protein, it also contains vitamins C and E and a large amount of iron and potassium. Red beetroot juice is a real vitamin bomb and a healthy drink rich in nitrates, which has a positive influence on the blood circulation in the muscles, increasing the oxygen supply in the body. It increases stamina and helps against fatigue. Red beetroot has a high iron content and also contains phosphate, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and folic acid.

The red beets for this apple-red beetroot juice undergo a lactic fermentation. Immediately after pressing, the juice is inoculated with lactic acid cultures. Nutrients are thus more easily digested and more quickly absorbed by the body. This delicious apple-red beetroot juice has a detoxifying effect and is very suitable for juice cures.

Delicious as a juice.

In environmentally friendly returnable bottles.

  • Minimum order units: 1
  • Brand: Pajottenlander
  • Ingredients: 75% natural cloudy apple juice, 25% red beetroot juice lactic acid fermented
  • Allergens: gluten-free, lactose-free