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Elderflower drink 1L

€ 2.70 + € 0.65 deposit

Elderflower drink 1L
  • elderflower drink, a delicious thirst-quencher
  • has a light yellow colour and a sweet taste

Elderflower is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, expectorant and stimulates the immune system.

Delicious as a juice. To be drunk chilled with a slice of lemon or a leaf of mint.

Delicious as an alcoholic aperitif: mixed with a dry white wine (ratio 1:1).

Delicious as a non-alcoholic aperitif: 3/4 parts elderflower drink and 1/4 part sparkling water finished with a slice of lemon or a leaf of mint.

As a pick-me-up: heat the drink to 70°, add ginger, cardamon or cloves to taste.

In environmentally friendly returnable bottles.

  • Minimum order units: 1
  • Brand: Pajottenlander
  • Ingredients: elderflower extract 3%, agave syrup 7%, lemon juice 5%, water 85%
  • Allergens: vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free