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Whole-wheat spelt flour

€ 22.80 per 5000g (€ 4.56 per kg)

Whole-wheat spelt flour

100% coarsely ground whole-wheat spelt flour.

Without additives or other ingredients.

Alternative to wheat flour. Is less airy than wheat flour.

  • Source of fibre, high mineral content (copper, zinc, iron, magnesium) and vitamins.
  • Contains little gluten.
  • Easily digestible, contains fewer calories than other cereals, has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, improves concentration.
  • Protects against obesity, heart disease, diabetes, gallstones, joint problems, allergies, intestinal disorders

  • Minimum order units: 1
  • Brand: Marma
  • Ingredients: 100% whole-wheat spelt flour*
  • Allergens: Lactose-free