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  • Bio Planète

    Bio Planète

    Bio Planète was founded by Judith Moog as Europe's first purely organic oil mill. With branches in Germany and France, it combines German quality awareness with French savoir vivre.

  • Dijkstra Vereenigde

    Dijkstra Vereenigde

    Dijkstra Vereenigde is at home in packaging glass like no other. After all, the origins of our company lie at the end of the nineteenth century with the establishment of Dijkstra's Glasindustrie. More than one hundred years later, only one thing has remained unchanged: our passion for container glass.

  • Hydrophil


    Hydrophil creates innovative and sustainable hygiene products. Products that should serve to broaden the view for topics such as sustainability and scarcity of resources. Our common vision: the production of a sustainable full range for the bathroom - water-neutral, vegan & fair.

  • Ichoc


    iChoc – the vegan favorite chocolate for people who want to snack consciously plant-based. Totally organic, incredibly sustainable and consistently plastic-free. You can even compost the film that protects your sweet little chocolate darling.

  • IDorganics


    IDorganics from Zaandam is a household name in the world of organic food. We buy our organic raw materials directly from the farmer wherever possible and process them ourselves at our company in Zaandam.

  • Jacob Hooy

    Jacob Hooy

    In 1743, Jacob Hooy opened a herb stall on Amsterdam's Nieuwmarkt. This is where the company's rich history began, with the sale of herbs and spices.

  • Lima


    Lima was born from the meeting of two men who inspired each other: the Belgian Pierre Gevaert, Lima's founder, and the Japanese Georges Ohsawa, founder of macrobiotics. Georges believed in the philosophy of Yin and Yang and its basic principle: the harmony between elements that are opposites yet complement each other.

  • Marma


    Marma is a Belgian family owned business with the aim of offering the most complete range of organic products possible. A good price/quality ratio is paramount.

  • Oh!rganic


    Oh!rganic is the brainchild of Inge De Clerck. It has grown out of her passion for cooking, herbs, travelling and discovery. She wants to share her passion and does so via the path that suits her best: sustainable entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • Pajottenlander


    Pajottenlander specialises in organic fruit growing, processing and trade. Incredible craftsmanship, great inspiration and fair trade have ensured an organic growth of the company since the very beginning.

  • Suriny


    Surin Bran Oil CO LTD is located in Thailand in the province of Surin where the Hom Mali rice variety (= Thai Jasmine rice) has been cultivated for generations. The company refines the oil from this rice variety in a physical way with plate filtration at low temperature. This technique keeps more nutrients present in rice oil.

  • Terrasana


    Based in Leimuiden, Terrasana makes nut butters and does most of the packaging in-house, as well as importing products from all over the world. If they are pure, plant-based and tasty, they are your women and men.

  • Vego


    VEGO Good Food GmbH is 100% independent, owned and founded by Jan Niklas "Nik" Schmidt. Here at VEGO, vegan does not only mean bringing an end to animal cruelty but also, producing in an environmentally conscious manner.

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