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1 order = 1 tree

With every order, we make sure that one new tree is added. We do this by financially supporting Faja Lobi, founded by Jurgen Heytens.

Faja Lobi runs several projects aimed at improving the ecological and social situation within the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In April 2020 Faja Lobi replanted 2700 hectares of forest. The new milestone will be 50,000 hectares. These new forests will be planted near the savanna highlands of Idiofa. The reforestation of these areas will prevent further desertification of the region.

Faja Lobi employs local people to achieve our goals. This is a big difference with many other NGOs, who mainly employ Western workers to realize their projects. Currently 580 local workers are working together in the reforestation project and contribute about 80% of the total budget to the welfare of the employees.